Start, Market & Grow Your Virtual Assistant Business

Start, Market & Grow Your Virtual Assistant Business

An online course that covers everything you need to know to start making money online with skills you already have!

Have you ever dreamt of a life where you could work from anywhere in the world?

In your own space, in your own time, doing work that you're passionate about, and earning good money at the same time?

I've been doing exactly that as a Virtual Assistant for the past 7 years.

From starting out as a one-woman show charging $7/hour (yes, don't judge), I've now grown my business into a Virtual Assistant agency which basically runs itself.

Now that I have a team to help me with clients, I can focus on what I've always wanted to do and that is to teach YOU how you can grow a location-independent business too!


This course will help you start from scratch!

We'll cover all things from narrowing in on the skills you already have that you can start charging clients for, to finding clients that you're excited to work with, to building your website, to marketing & growing your business for success.

If you've always dreamt of a life and business built around freedom and flexibility, this course will help you get there.

By the end of this course, you'll have all the tools and knowledge you need to start booking clients and earn income as a Virtual Assistant.

Before you know it, you'll be able to:

- Enjoy the freedom of working from home -

- Contribute to your household expenses -

- Have the flexibility to be with your kids whenever you want -

-  Book a holiday without asking anyone for permission -

- Feel empowered and in control of how you design your life -

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What Type of VA Will You Be and Who Will You Serve?   

  • Narrowing in on the skills you can offer (and start charging for!)
  • An overview of the main types of VAs and the work they do
  • Common pitfalls to avoid as a VA
  • Generalist VA vs Specialist VA - the pros and cons
  • Identifying your ideal client

After completing this module you will have a better sense of which in-demand skills you already have that you can start charging for, what kind of VA you will market yourself as and you will also have nailed your elevator pitch so that you can more easily tell people what you do!


Branding Yourself for Success with Hilary Hartling

  • Identifying your ideal client and their pain points
  • How to position yourself to attract your best clients
  • Creating your mission statement and identifying your brand benefits<

After completing this module you will have a deeper understanding of your ideal client, what they struggle with, what their goals are and how to position yourself as THE person who can help them.

Setting Your Prices & Packages 

  • How to (confidently) set prices that you're comfortable with
  • Hourly vs Project Rates -pros and cons
  • Creating packages for your ideal client

After completing this module, you'll have a better understanding of how to price your services so that you're reaching your income goals and also maintaining a good work/life balance.

Creating Your Website

  • Picking a domain name and website building platform
  • What pages do you need on your website and what should they say?
  • What to do instead if the thought of building a website is overwhelming

Bonus course: Setting up your website on Squarespace with Lauren E. Brown.

After completing this module, you'll have a step-by-step framework for writing the pages of your website so that it converts like hot cakes, complete with a video tutorial on how to set up your website on Squarespace.

Getting Your First Client 

  • Finding out where your ideal client hangs out online
  • 8 proven ways to get new clients
  • Using FB groups effectively to build your brand and get your next client

After completing this module, you will know 8 proven ways to get new clients, as well as how to keep your client pipeline flowing by building your brand through Facebook groups.

Working With Your First Client 

  • How to onboard new clients and establish a solid working relationship
  • Systems and tools to help you run your business and projects
  • How to ensure your current clients stick with you (and maybe even bring you more clients!)

After completing this module, you will be super confident about booking and working with new clients and even look like a seasoned professional with all the process and systems you will learn to put in place!


You'll also get access to these additional modules:

How to Nail Potential Client Calls
Getting Legal: Protecting Yourself with a Contract with Christina Scalera
Creating a Strategic Website with Samantha Mabe
Accounting for Your Business with Tiffany Bastian


Learn at your own pace

Here's what you get:

  • 6 pre-recorded video modules 
  • Workbooks, swipe files and templates to steal and use in your own biz!
  • Forever access to the course and any new materials


3-month free access to the Start, Market & Grow Your VA Biz private membership which includes monthly trainings, group coaching, book club, hot seats AND job opportunities sent to your inbox every month (value $87!)

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Start earning income as a Virtual Assistant today!

You don't need:

  • A degree or prior experience
  • Special skills or certifications
  • A huge upfront investment

But, you DO need:

  • A computer & wifi connection
  • Time to dedicate to your clients
  • The drive and ambition to succeed


"If you are on the fence about signing up for Maria's coaching, please read this. 

I started off working with Maria last summer with a one-hour strategy call. In that call, she helped me nail down my ideal client. I just went through her VIP coaching and just the calls are worth the price of the program. She helps you work through anything that is holding you back.

Because of my coaching with Maria, I am now growing a TEAM!!! I do not have a website, Facebook page, or Instagram. I have very satisfied clients who send me more clients. Maria is amazing!!"

- Hannah Jenkins,

"Maria is incredibly talented and a natural coach. 

Her guidance challenged me to get out of my comfort zone, look beyond the day to day and focus more on building a business that would incorporate all my passions and strengths. Her knowledge and willingness to connect me to her network garnered me my first client within our first few weeks working together.

Her uplifting, positive, and fun personality make her easy to open up to and wonderful to work with. She has not only been an amazing coach but also a caring mentor, and the lessons she has provided have inspired and motivated me to live a life aligned with my values and passions. Maria is truly one-of-a-kind, and I would recommend her to anyone looking for an intuitive, sincere, and deeply passionate coach."

Michelle Ni Tuama, Your Wellness VA

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Maria Carras
Maria Carras
Coach & Mentor to Virtual Assistants

About Maria

Maria has been working as a Virtual Assistant for 6 years. She has supported international movie studios, fashion start-ups, photographers and business consultants to start, grow and manage their businesses. 

She now runs a 6-figure digital marketing support agency, managing a team of expert VAs, that helps business leaders market their business so that they can focus on the bigger picture.

Maria coaches aspiring VAs to start their own virtual assistant business. Her passion is helping people learn how to earn money on their own terms so that they have the freedom to be with their families and the financial security to enjoy them!

If you have any questions about her courses feel free to reach out to her at

Frequently Asked Questions

How long is the course?
It's 6 pre-recorded modules which are about an hour long each. You can go through them at your own pace.

Can I get a refund if I find that the course is not right for me?
Refunds are only available within 1 week of purchase. However, in order for a refund to be issued you will need to provide evidence that you've watched the videos and completed the workbooks. This will show us that you've taken an active part in the course which has led you to decide that it's not the right course for you.

Will I have direct email access to you, the instructor?
Self-study students will not have direct access to me. However, I am available in our private membership through Slack.

Only students enrolled in the VIP experience will have 24/7 email access to me for feedback, guidance and support.

Do you offer a payment plan?
Payment plans are not available for the Self-Study course.

Have more questions? Send an email to

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